Assess Smart with the RiskBase App

Start and Finish Assessments on the App

The app has all the tools you need to collect asset information; perform assessments, surveys and regular checks. Once your assets are downloaded, you don't even need an internet connection.

Submit your assessment on site and move straight on to the next job.

Assessment Templates

Curate a template for each property type you assess. Collect the data that matters and exclude everything else.

Suggested Actions and Controls

The biggest time saver of all: RiskBase suggests relevant actions and controls as you work through your assessments. Put the work into your template early on and become an assessing machine.

RiskBase Logic

Tell RiskBase about your property and you'll only see relevant questions e.g. there's no point asking "Is the lift serviced?", if there is no lift :)

Have Questions about Assessments?

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