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Introduction to Tasks

The Tasks module allows us to manage the tasks which have been created based on the status or outcome of our assessments/surveys, categorised in four different task types;

  • Create –  refers to the task of creating a new assessment or survey for that property- derived from the expiry date of the last approved assessment/survey
  • Submit – refers to an assessment/survey showing as ‘In Progress’, meaning it has been started but not submitted
  • Approve – for an assessment/survey submitted by the assessor and needs an approver to review it
  • Remedial/Asbestos Action – these tasks come directly from actions within an assessment

Once an assessment has been approved, tasks are created from the remedial actions listed within the assessment. For example, the actions found in the ‘Significant Findings’ section and ‘Action Plan’ section of an approved report are created into tasks. Tasks provides information about what actions need to be completed and by whom, as well as information relating to future risk assessments (e.g. when to create the next assessment based on a pre-determined time interval, usually linked to the identified risk level).

A tasks details and status can both be updated at any time.

Changes made to a task will not affect the action in that assessments ‘Approved Report’, although the ‘Live Report’ will reflect such changes. See final PDF report instructions for the differences between the two.

To view the task list

  1. Highlight the company/group/property in RiskBase explorer.
  2. Right click and select Tasks.
  3. Tasks will load in thr data grid.

Reaching Tasks Page

Task view in the data grid

Once our results have loaded we will see a column, to the left, with a search bar and filtering options, and to the right our data grid showing all the tasks (from the selected company/group/property).

We can manipulate the columns displayed and the order they’re grouped in – see ‘Using the Data Grid


Standard view upon loading the tasks module, filtering / search pane to the left and data grid showing task list to the right.

Download option 2

The total number of tasks is displayed in the top right

To search or filter for particular tasks;

Use the search bar or filter options, using the different fields.

To edit any field

  1. Tick its checkbox
  2. select a field to add filter (click again to remove)
  3. repeat for other fields as required
  4. click Load Task List

The task type filter field

In this field we can filter for assessments/surveys that need creating, submitting or approving and/or for all remedial actions. Each type can also be expanded, giving the option to filter tasks from only certain assessments/surveys. Filtering by projects is also an option. See ‘Projects’ for details of adding tasks to a project, or starting a new project.

Symbols in the task type column;

  • Spanner icon – Spanner denotes remedial tasks and asbestos point tasks
  • AS icon – AS denotes assessment – create, submit and approve assessment tasks
  • AB icon – AB denotes asbestos- create, submit and approve asbestos survey tasks

In this example we have filtered the task list for all tasks assigned to the ‘Compliance/Facilities Team’. Note that the ‘Status’ field is by default populated with the ‘Not Started’ and ‘In Progress’ fields – this field can be edited in the same way as all others.