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Right click on an organisation or a property in the Explorer and select Assessments.

Go to the Assessments

  1. Right click on an organisation in the Explorer.
  2. Select Assessments.

Accessing from the organisation will show assessments for all properties, whereas accessing from the property will show assessments for that property only. The page lists assessments on the right and a filter on the left.

Filter Options

Search Text Assessment’s reference. Property’s name, postcode, or reference.
Status Selectbox [In Progress, Submitted, Approved]
Exclude Older Approved Checkbox Tick to only show the most recent approved assessment for each property. All in progress and submitted assessments will be shown.
Type Selectbox Type of assessment (e.g. Fire > Fire Risk Assessment).
Questionnaire Selectbox Questionnaire used.
Assessed Selectbox Assessed by a specific user.
Date Range Assessed between two dates.
Submitted See Assessed above.
Approved See Assessed above.
Show Assessments from Child Objects Checkbox E.g. if you’re viewing the assessment page for a property group called “Retail”: ticking this will show assessments performed on “Retail” and all of its child objects — un-ticking this would only show assessments performed on “Retail”.

Download CSV

To download a CSV of the assessments shown in the list:

  • Click cloud icon Download top right of the assessments page.
  • Select Download CSV from the menu under the “Assessment List” section.

Download PDF

You can download an assessment/survey PDF from admin.RiskBase

If you are wanting to download PDF report on your desktop to store remotely or send to a client, you can do this from RiskBase Admin.

This may also be useful if you have a customer who wants their users to have access to view and download their PDFs reports from RiskBase.

  • An In Progress, Submitted or Approved assessment can be downloaded

  • You need to have/give the right access to be able to view and download assessments

  • You can filter by Name, Type, Assessor and Date Submitted/Approved

Download PDF
  1. Sign in to
  2. Right click on an Organisation, Property or Property group in the Explorer
  3. Press Assessments
  4. Find or filter for the assessment/survey you want to Download a PDF of and double click on it
  5. Press Get Report
  6. Select Approved PDF or Live PDF
  7. Press Download

Approved Report

An approved report reflects the state of the building at the time of assessment.

An approved report cannot be modified unless the assessment is un-approved.

Download Approved Report

Live Report

A live report is an updated version of the approved PDF. It shows any changes made to the statuses of the remedial actions detailed in the original report.

Download Live Report

Significant Findings Register

The Significant Findings Register displays up-to-date information about a property’s actions and control measures from all assessments.

  • Click cloud icon Download top right of the assessments page.
  • Select Significant Findings Register from the menu.
  • From the “Significant Findings Register” window, choose which actions and control measures you’d like to include.
  • Click Preview or Download.

The register is only available when accessing a property’s assessment page (right clicking a property in the Explorer and selecting Assessments).

Only actions and control measures in approved assessments are included in the Significant Findings Register.