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If you want to be thorough and efficient, perform your assessments, surveys and regular checks on-site with our app

Manage your properties, tasks and schedule.

Meet the app

Work Offline

  • Access properties
  • Collect and edit information
  • Complete assessments

All your work syncs with RiskBase cloud once you're back online.

Lead with Templates

Let questionnaires and checklists guide your assessments for consistently high quality findings.

Templates are tailored to property types; packaged with relevant questions, prompts and suggested actions.

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Risk Assessments

Over the past ten years, we have helped our clients perform more than a million Risk Assessments.

We continue to refine the process for increased productivity and comprehensive data collection.

Assess Smart

Regular Checks

Open the app to find the regular maintenance tasks and non-technical checks assigned to you.

Guided by simple instructions, work your way through the questions.

Check out checks


View previous actions and control measures right inside your new assessments for ultimate continuity.

Mark the status of earlier actions and confirm existing control measures.

See how


Get specific and efficient.

Narrow suggested actions and controls to just the relevant ones.

Checklists are printed on reports to show customers exactly what was asked and answered.

Build a Checklist


  • Walk up to a door
  • Scan the QR code
  • Drop a pin
  • Complete an audit
  • Repeat


Beautiful PDF Reports

Anyone, technical or otherwise should be able to grasp your findings.

Our reports are

  • Uncomplicated
  • Well structured
  • Comprehensive


Task Manager

View, update and sign-off tasks assigned to you.

Get status updates and see who's working on what.

Plan, contribute and communicate in one place with your team.

Manage your tasks


  • An assessment is approved
  • Task created
  • Responsible person assigned

Your entire organisation is kept in the loop at every stage.

Work together


Define user's roles and responsibilities, and RiskBase will do the delegating for you.


  • Assessment scheduling
  • Task assigning
  • Email notifications
  • Risk rating
  • Priority scoring

and more

RiskBase Templates

We've laboured over the structure and content of template assessments.

Assessment Builder

Build comprehensive templates and become a risk assessing machine.

Write questions, include descriptions and prompts; programme control measures, actions and more, with our intuitive assessment builder.

User Groups

Define user's roles; access to properties, features and functionality.

admin, assessor, task manager, contractor, etc.


Allocate responsibility for tasks, establish who get's assigned for what.

Data Import & Export

From detailed CSVs to concise PDFs, we’ve got you covered.


Interactive dashboards allow everyone to quickly analyse the real-time data.

Customise the dashboard to see the things that matter to you.

Email Notifications

Trigger email reports, task reminders; include completed surveys and assessments.

Subscribe individuals, teams, groups and even people outside of your organisation.

Support & Service

Our support goes beyond just our Features

We only do well when our customers do well and because we don’t lock anybody into lengthy contracts, it’s especially important that we keep you happy.

One-to-One Onboarding

Every client is assigned a RiskBase specialist to get them set up and running.

From building assessment templates to importing assets and data, you'll have our support.

Contact your specialist directly with all your questions and requests.

Client-Sector-Specific Expertise

We choose to focus on a select group of clients so we can understand and truly fullfill your needs.

Systems Integration

You want to connect your property management system with RiskBase or have RiskBase send data to you.

Let's make our systems works in harmony so wherever you look, data will be up-to-date and correct.

Dedicated SME Team

Fire Safety is our thing. We are students the subject in order to create the great software we do.

We make it our business to understand the latest legislation and guidance so we can speak with authority when advising you.

Branding & Report Customisation

Get credit for your hard work and build your business. We put your brand identity front and centre.

Make reports your own with custom pages and PDF attachments. Add the content you want; disclaimers, terms & conditions, and relevant legislation.

Tender / Bid Support

Advising on your proposals, packaging data for your latest presentation, demoing our software to your potential customers, we are in your corner when you need us.

We've helped many clients land customers and secure contracts. We love seeing you succeed.


Go Passwordless

Passwords are old fashioned, inherintantly unsafe and a nuisance to manage.

Receive unique codes via email for quick, easy and safe sign in.

Ditch your password

SSL everywhere

All customer data is sent over 128bit SSL secured connections.

2-Factor Authentication

Just one of the tools we offer to keep you safe.

Give your organisation that extra level of protection.

Switch it on now

Safe Software

Security is built-in to the heart of our applications.

Every build we do is tested for speed, usability and most importantly, for security.

100% Uptime Guarantee

No unreasonable terms or complex credits. Just a reliable service.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We take our responsibilities to you seriously and invest heavily in our systems to avoid downtime and have continuity plans to get back up and running within minutes.