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Properties, buildings, premises; whatever you call them, these are your Assets.

Open an Asset

On the assets page:

  1. Press on an asset.

Open an Asset

Asset Overview

The asset Overview is on the right.

  • Asset name.
  • Custom reference.
  • Address.

Asset Overview

Scroll down the Overview (on the right) for aditional information.

  • Responsible RiskBase users.

Asset Overview

Asset Info

Asset Information is unique to your organisation.

  • Information that won't change, such as construction type and details of fire equipment installed in the building is collected pre assessment in the asset information sections.
  • The fields are unique/custom to each organisation.
  • Collect the data relevent to you.

Examples of data that can be collected.

Asset info shows on the right.

Building Information

Asset Info, Building Info


Asset Info, Occupancy

Fire Equipment

Asset Info, Fire Equipment