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RiskBase sends partners and customers a regular bill. You'll know when to expect our invoice and with the app's billing section, you can keep an eye on your organisation's spend.

Set Up Billing

  1. Let us know which members of your organisation should have access to our billing tools,
  2. Ensure we know your organisation's legal trading name,
  3. Let us know which email/s to send the invoices to.

All new partners will automatically get access to our most up-to-date billing tools.

To our cherished legacy partners and customers; we are gradually migrating you all to our new system. If you want access sooner, get in touch and we'll move you over now.


We bill on the 1st of the month.

You'll receive an email summarising the previous periods unbilled assessments, task management access and one-off charges.

The email includes an attached invoice and an itemised CSV breakdown.

Billing Invoice

Billing On the App

Stay On Top Of Your Spend

  1. Sign in to the app on your mobile device or at on your desktop,
  2. Press the Settings tab (bottom-right),
  3. Press the orange Billing section (left).

The Billing Page Shows

  • Your next invoice,
  • Your previous invoices,
  • The status of each invoice; Paid.

Billing Section of the App

Preview & Share Invoices

  1. Press on your next invoice or a previous invoice,
  2. Choose to:
    • Preview PDF Invoice,
    • Share PDF Invoice,
    • Share CSV Breakdown.

You can share the PDFs and CSVs via email, SMS, WhatsApp, Airdrop, Nearby Share and more.

Billing Section of the App


Invoices arrive on the first of the month and we request that you make payment within 28 days. Payment is made by bank transfer. Our banking details are provided on the invoice.

We'll Let You Know When We Receive Your Payments

When we receive your payment, a thank you email will be sent so you know it arrived safely.

We'll Remind You To Pay

If you make payment within 14 days of the invoice being issued, you won't get any reminders.

  • We'll remind you on the 14th, 14 days before payment is overdue. This is polite nudge to help you plan your payments.
  • If the payment becomes overdue which means we haven't received it within 28 days of issuing your invoice, we'll let you know and advise you that your RiskBase account will be paused if payment isn't received within the next 14 days.
  • At 42 days or 14 days overdue, RiskBase will pause your account. You won't be able to sign-in, perform assessments, manage assets, or download reports. In this case, no data would be deleted, and full access would be restored as soon as we received your payment.