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Assessment Templates

Go to Assessment Template Setup

  1. Press the Settings tab (bottom right).
  2. Press Assessment Template.

Assessment Templates

Create a New Assessment Template

  1. Press the Grip Lines (top right), press New Template +.
  2. Select an assessment type. The default is Fire Risk Assessment but your organisation may have others. This cannot be undone once you have saved.
  3. Provide a name in the Name field.
  4. Provide a description. This is used for internally but does not appear on reports.
  5. Provide a Title. This will be title of your reports. Left blank the template name will be used.

New Assessment Templates

Add Checklists & Questions

Before you create an assessment template, go to Checklist and Question Setup to create and modify your checklists and questions.

Add Checklists and Questions to You Assessment Template

  1. Press on the checklist/Question section.
  2. Checklists and Questions are organised in their Folders and Sections. Press to select one or more checklists and/or questions.
    • To select an entire section, press on the counts in the section heads.
    • Press Select All Checklists/Questions.
  3. Once all checklists and questions have been added, press Done.

Add Checklists & Questions to an Assessment Templates

Once added to the assessment template, you can return to the Checklist and Question Setup to make changes to your checklists and questions.



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