Asbestos Surveys, Re-Inspections & Removals

Whether you’re the surveyor or the duty-holder, RiskBase solves problems that other survey software and registers ignore.

Survey PDFs are easy for the uninitiated to understand. Registers include whole-of-life inspection point history. Re-inspection programmes and reporting on removal projects becomes painless.

Welcome to the new easy!

Logical, uncluttered and intuitive surveys

You shouldn’t need a P402 to understand a survey PDF. Every page has been painstakingly designed to clearly articulate the risks and the caveats.

Start with solid foundations

A comprehensive, flexible and reportable asbestos register

Data quality is something we obsess about. RiskBase seamlessly manages data leaving comprehensive audit trails. No unwieldy spreadsheet loaders, just things done properly, first time.

for End Users

Far more powerful than other registers.

Knowing where there’s asbestos is just half of the battle. Efficiently managing requires fast access to information and being able to get that to contractors in bulk.

for Surveyors

Easy to use; light on admin and powerful on features.

Confidently comply with standards and manage accreditations. Professional, clear and custom branded surveys. True client self-service.

for Laboratories

Rapid certificate management and production.

Designed for surveying firms with in-house laboratories; manage incoming samples and automatically update surveys as results are processed.

Tablet? Which tablet …

Choose your own mobile hardware

Whether it’s for an internal auditor or a team of surveyors we know hardware is a personal choice.

Modern Android and Apple iOS tablets and those running full versions of Windows are supported.

Programme and project management

Survey, re-inspection and removal management

With tight integration with the Tasks and Dashboards module, managing past, current and future work – from reinspections to surveys to removals – becomes intuitive and easy to report on.

Learn more about Tasks and Dashboards


Rapid inspection data entry and sample management.

Instant synchronisation of survey data from tablets, quality assurance and the most professional survey PDFs on the market.


Easy reinspections for the in-house and professional surveyor.

True onsite reinspections with the ability to make new and modify existing repair and removal recommendations.


Full paperwork management and automatically updating registers.

Manage large removal works with confidence. Process paperwork and air-tests across jobs without restriction.

Assimilate with others

Integrates with survey and register tools

It’s not just good manners for software to talk to other software, for bigger organisations it’s essential. Getting information in and out of RiskBase is no problem.