Fire Risk Assessment Software

Fire Risk Analysis is a crucial and vital requirement for all businesses. RiskBase has helped create and manage more than 100,000 Fire Risk Assessments over the last 6 years.

Each stage of the process is completed using RiskBase, streamlining workflow and ensuring your properties comply with fire safety legislation and best practice.

Stay Compliant

Keep on top of FRA requirements

Track each property’s FRA requirements and view charts to see the compliance across your organisation.

Assign assessors to FRAs — have them manage their own workloads or work to a plan set by you.

Consistent & Efficient

Let templates guide your assessments

Build your own question and template-led assessments to the specification and level of detail you need.

Quickly identify hazards and build a list of remedial actions from custom made templates.


Perform an initial assessment based on your own questions and templates.

Complete general details about a property. Answer questions. Identify hazards and list remedial actions. Determine existing control measures.

Manage Actions

Actions identified in assessments become tasks and are assigned to real people to complete.

RiskBase can automatically assign tasks to the right people and notify them by email. The PDF report continually updates as tasks are completed.


Start your re-assessment based on the findings of the previous assessment; not from scratch.

Assessors confirm actions marked as complete are actually complete and previously identified control measures are still in place.

Clean & Meaningful Reports

Technical documents that make sense

We’ve spent years perfecting our PDF reports, sweating every detail — the placing of every element has been considered to maximise clarity without sacrificing detail.

We work with your organisation to personalise your reports and add your branding.

Action Your Actions

Automatically assign and notify the correct people

Ensure actions get completed; automatically assign people to action tasks. Notify them of new tasks and again when they’re due.

Dive into interactive charts, create projects, and verify completed work during re-assessments.

Quality Controlled

Manage your own approval process.

Assessments follow an approval workflow created and controlled by you. Apply QA before they’re released to the end user.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Take photos from within RiskBase Mobile or upload them separately to document remedial actions or add floorplans.

Living Documents

PDF assessments update automatically.

As users complete actions, the Fire Risk Assessment updates with any comments and status changes.

Be Flexible

Work the way you want to work

Approach an assessment from different angles but always end up with the same high quality results; completing an assessment as you go — or taking photos and notes, leaving the write-up for later.