Tasks & Dashboard

Even the best surveys, inspections and audits become worthless without proper management of remedial work.

That’s why task management and reporting is deeply integrated in to everything RiskBase does; every survey and inspection, every door that needs installing and every sample waiting for analysis.

Interactive dashboards and KPIs

Static reports quickly become dated

Be the team with all the answers. Interactive dashboards mean everyone can effortlessly analyse the same real-time information.

Automated notification and alert emails

Project management, simplified

Bulk update, re-categorise and manage projects. Automatically trigger email reports, task reminders and include completed surveys and assessments.

for Consultants

Reduced admin and smoother assessment programmes.

Manage upcoming surveys and assessments, produce smoother programmes, assign jobs to assessors and (almost) eliminate admin.

for Property Managers

Instant visibility of progress. Quickly identify blockers.

Less middle-man and more manager. Assign work to contractors. Automatic, instant, real-time access to progress. Less room for excuses.

for End Users

The what, where and when. By category and priority.

A choice of user interfaces. Simplified reporting. Efficient access to remedial and task reports. Instant access to compliance documentation and history.

Comprehensive task management

Who’s great and who’s late?

Identify and reward the best performers. Instantly get status information and know who’s working on what. Plan workload. Drag and drop files. All communication in one place.

One point of reference

End data silos and spreadsheet chaos

Users editing and managing their own data means RiskBase is the single source of truth. No more vLookups and stitching together Excel spreadsheets.

Search and filter

Quickly locate and share information.

Find the status, history, audit and documentation of anything in one place. Group, search and filter based on 16 distinct data types

Notify and email

Custom emails to clients, staff and contractors on any trigger.

Automatically send assessments, surveys or registers when they’re approved. Include task reminders or monthly status reports – to one users or whole teams.

Data import and export

From detailed CSVs to concise PDFs, we’ve got you covered.

Moving and sharing data is a big deal. RiskBase includes a range of integration options and APIs for automated or regular data import and exports.

Exception management

Staff and contractor management

Automatically assign tasks based on type and building to people and teams. RiskBase will highlight when things aren’t going to plan, so you can concentrate on actually getting things done.