Powerful User Control

Asset-based access control as well as feature-based permission groups makes RiskBase the only true enterprise solution.

Promises about hardware and network design sound impressive but they don’t replace good application design; RiskBase isn’t just very usable and very fast, it’s very secure.

Granular user permissions

Control for individuals and groups

It’s not just about applying functions to users and controlling viewing and editing; with RiskBase it’s also about making interfaces and dashboards relevant to each audience.


Customers, staff or contractors

Create as few or as many as you need. Explicitly allow or deny by default access to functions and properties.


Reliable permissions en masse

Apply repetitive permissions to a user group. More secure and simpler than managing users individually.


Like departments, but better

Whether it’s surveyors or housing officers, team functions help departments pool tasks and simplify reporting.

Asset and stock managemnet

Stock and asset management drives compliance

Hierarchy drives much of a property and it’s assets compliance requirements. Groups, postcodes, estates, buildings, blocks, flats, shops, offices even rooms and boilers.

Integration and data sharing

Stay RESTful with your APIs

From asset and property management software to BI and data warehouses; we’re pretty handy at integration because the more data is shared and exchanged the more valuable it is.

Easy management

No user limits

Easily add (or disable or delete) unlimited users. Enforce password complexity requirements. See login history and audit trails.

User self-service

The rest is DIY

Users can activate their own accounts, reset passwords, access documentation and submit support requests themselves – with minimal or no training.

Relevant, intuitive interfaces

Keep it simple, stupid

Don’t confuse the occasional user, the housing officer or store manager, give them only what they need to see – tasks and risk assessments.

Secure application design

Security is a measure of quality

Don’t be fooled by trivialised ‘top-tens’, security has to be built-in to the heart of a web-application. Every build we do is tested for speed, usability and most importantly, for security.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Keeping you up and running at all costs

We know your data is valuable and we take our responsibility seriously. We invest heavily in our systems to avoid downtime and have continuity plans to get back up and running within minutes.