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Managing a Task

We identified in our Tasks Overview that our tasks are split across three types, and each can be managed in the same way.

There are three main areas that we will want to manage/edit within our tasks information pane;

  • Task Details – all options except the property address and task title may be edited. We might, for example, wish to change the priority of a task from ‘Medium’ to ‘High’
  • Comments & Changes – here we can find the link for the associated assessment , task history and the ability to view or add comments
  • Jobs- in this section we can view assigned jobs for the task, and add new ones

To ‘Open Task’ for managing/editing details;

Double click the task > details show in lower viewing pane


Right click and select ‘Open Task’


Editing a Tasks Details

Most of the tasks details are likely to have been created based on the defaults associated with the task, which where set when creating our action templates. We may now wish to edit these, for example schedule and allocate the task to a particular project (assuming the project has already been created)
Although adding the task to a project in this way is an option, we recommend adding tasks in bulk via project management if you wish to add multiple tasks.

To edit task details;

Click ‘Edit Task’ > edit fields as required > ‘Save Task’

Adding Comments to a Task

The Changes & Comments section provides additional information relating to the status and progress of the task. This includes default entries, for example ‘Created’ and manually added comments.

To add a comment;

To add a comment, select ‘Add Comment’ > enter comment in box > (optional) to attach a file, select ‘Attach File’ > ‘Save Comment’

Ticking the ‘Basic’ box reduces the information displayed in the tasks history. By enabling this function, only the tasks status history and added comments will be displayed.

Basic box

Adding Jobs to a Task

The ‘Adding Jobs’ function is not available to all companies…

Jobs can be added to tasks allowing us to create a detailed job list,  in relation to a particular task.

A task cannot be updated as complete until all the jobs in that task have been completed.

If given permission, contractors will also be able to add jobs to tasks. Companies will then be able to review the job list and authorise all or some of the jobs to be completed (in the future/more info).

To add a job to the task;

Select ‘Add Job’ >  job can be added with ‘Use Schedule of Rates’ option, or ‘Enter Custom Job’ option:

  • Use Schedule of Rates  – select job to be added from the list > enter quantity > cost updates once added > click ‘Save Job’.
  • Enter Custom JobEnter name for job in field provided (description can be added if required) >  enter the cost / quantity > click ‘Save Job’

Adding a job - Custom


To edit a job:

Right click job to edit > Select ‘Edit’ > edit as required > ‘Save Job’

Deleting a job:

Right click job for deletion > click ‘Delete > ‘Delete Job’ in the pop up box


double click job for deletion > click ‘Delete Job’