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Using Bulk Update

We can use the ‘Bulk Update’ button to update, complete or cancel multiple tasks at the same time. This is done from either the Tasks page or from within a Project. Before using bulk update be aware of these restrictions;

  • Only one type of task can be updated at a time (e.g, remedial actions) – once one type is selected all other types will automatically grey out in the data grid
  • Some tasks cannot be completed or cancelled, so therefore cannot be bulk completed or cancelled either
  • Projects cannot be Bulk Updated

1. In both the tasks, and any project page, you’ll see a ‘Bulk Update’ button at the top left; when selected, the filter pane is replaced by the bulk update pane.

Bulk update button

2. Select the tasks to update;

  • Multiple individual selections – hold down the Ctrl key and individually select each task row, or select the tick boxes (a ‘miss-click’ will cancel previous selections)
  • Bulk selection – Select a Task row (not tick box), hold down the Shift key and then select a Task that is several rows above or below it to include all Tasks in-between
  • Multiple bulk selections – Complete the first bulk selection as above but release the Shift key and hold down the Ctrl key to begin the next bulk selection. Hold down the Shift key (whilst also holding the Ctrl key) to complete the second bulk selection. Repeat as many times as necessary
Multiple tasks - CTRL

In this example we have filtered for tasks assigned to a particular team, and selected multiple remedial action (spanner icon) tasks

We suggest clicking on the task rows and not the tick boxes. This is because the Ctrl and Shift key functions have no effect unless it’s the task row that’s being clicked on.

3. In left viewing pane, select ‘Complete’ or ‘Cancel’ button > for tasks that need updating, select and edit relevant fields before clicking ‘Update’ button

  • Tasks cannot be updated as well as completed or cancelled at the same time; to achieve this perform each of these separately
  • The cancel button will cancel tasks, it does not ‘cancel’ you out of the bulk update page.

selecting update optionsComplete or cancel tasks

4. (For complete and cancel operations) > enter the completed/cancelled by user name (change date/time if required) > optional comment will be displayed in the tasks history > click complete/cancel tasks button

Completing Tasks - pop up box