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Creating a Certificate

During an Asbestos Survey, if actual samples are taken and sent for testing, the approved Certificate for those samples needs to be created on Riskbase. The details and results of the sample need to be added to the Certificate in order to validate the related sample in the Inspection Points.

To reach the Certificates page, right click on the company name and then select ‘Asbestos Certificates’. A full list of existing Certificates for that company will be displayed.

Reaching the Asbestos Certificate page

To search for an existing Certificate, you can use the filter options on the left of the screen and then select ‘Filter Certificates’.

To create a new Certificate:

  1. From the Certificates page, select ‘+New Certificate’ (top left)
  2. The Certificate details now need to be updated in the left pane
  3. Enter the lab reference for the Certificate into the field provided
  4. Enter the Certificate date into the field provided
  5. If required, additional comments can be added in the ‘Remarks’ field
  6. To add lab details, select an option from the drop down list. To add a new lab, select ‘Manage Labs’ and then ‘+New Lab’
  7. If required, enter the details of the lab technician
  8. Select ‘Save Certificate’

A new Certificate has now been created. To return to the Certificate page for the company, select ‘<Back to Certificates’ at the top of the page.

To add another Certificate for different Inspection Points on the same property, repeat steps 1-8.

Adding Samples to a Certificate

Once a Certificate has been created, the samples relating to that Certificate need to be added to it.

  1. Select the ‘+Add/Remove Samples’ button at the top of the right viewing pane.
  2. This will open a list of all the samples added to Inspection Points for that company
  3. Select the samples that relate to this particular Certificate
  4. Select ‘Done’

Adding samples to a certificate.png 2.png

The samples added to this Certificate will now be listed in the right viewing pane.

Added sample to certificate - list

Adding Lab References to Samples

Once samples have been added to a Certificate, the lab reference information and results of the testing need to be added to each sample.

  1. Staying on the Certificate page, double click on the sample in the right viewing pane
  2. Enter the lab reference for the sample in the field provided
  3. Select the Asbestos type that was identified from the lab test
  4. Then select ‘Save Sample’

Lab reference to sample

Once complete, the sample will be marked with a green tick

Updated sample

Approving a Certificate

Once all samples have been added to the Certificate, and those samples have been updated with their lab references, the Certificate can be approved.

  1. Select ‘Approve Certificate’
  2. Select ‘Approve Certificate’ again in the pop up box*

*You are not able to unapprove the Certificate once the Surveys relating to the Certificate are approved.

Approving the Certificate validates the corresponding samples added in the Inspection Points (see section ‘Creating an Asbestos Survey’).

Validated samples on the inspection page

Unapproving a Certificate

Sometimes you may need to unapprove a Certificate, if for example, …

  1. Double click on the certificate you would like to unapprove
  2. Select ‘Unapprove Certificate’
  3. Select ‘Unapprove Certificate’ again

You can now make changes to the unapproved Certificate.

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