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Using the Simple App Version

The Simple App version gives users basic functionality to view risk assessments and edit / complete remedial actions (we call them tasks).

Signing In

This guide assumes your account has been setup. Most issues are caused by incorrectly spelt email addresses and passwords, read any error messages carefully before you take the time to contact technical support.

The first time a user signs in, their account needs to be activated and as part of that process the user sets their password. If your account needs activating or you’ve forgotten your password, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Otherwise, go to https://app.riskbase.uk and enter your email address and password to sign in to RiskBase.


Most tasks come from risk assessments. Commenting on and completing these tasks are an essential part of the compliance process because they update the risk assessments.

Once you’re signed in you’ll immediately be presented with a list of the tasks that have been assigned for you to complete. The left-hand side will show a list of properties (there may be only one).

By default, the list only shows outstanding tasks, so as they are completed the list will reduce. If there’s nothing in your task list, there are no tasks for you to complete.


Double-click on a task row to open it. The task description along with its history and other related information (like the due date) will show.

Add a Comment

If a task can’t be completed straight away you may want to add comments or upload supporting documents to it. To do this, click the Add Comment link in the top-right.

These comments will update the risk assessment to show that progress is being made.

Complete a Task

The main goal of course it to complete tasks so that the recommendations made have been adhered to. As with other task updates, these updates will show in the risk assessment.
Click the Complete Task button towards the top of the screen and you’ll be prompted to add some information and add a comment about exactly what you did to complete the task.


Depending on your organisation’s configuration, the left-hand side of the screen will show either some or no properties. If it shows nothing, type a road name or part of an address or postcode into the search box and press enter.

Double-click on a property to bring up its details on the right-hand side. From here all assessments are shown and all tasks (incomplete, completed and cancelled) can be viewed by selecting the relevant check-boxes.

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