RiskBase Desktop

Perform an Assessment

Ready to perform an assessment

Arriving at a premises ready to perform an assessment means you have pre downloaded the property data you need. To download data, you need an internet connection; see Downloading for instructions on data management.

At the premises, you don’t need an internet connection. The data you input will be saved in the web browser’s internal memory and should be submitted to RiskBase by Uploading at a later time.

Add Photo and Edit Details

Missing photo or details

Properties should have a photo and a full set of accurate details. If the property about to be assessed is missing either of these or has incorrect details; rectify that before the performing an assessment.

Add a Photo to a property

  1. Tap on the photo/camera icon.
  2. Tap Set Photo.
  3. A request to access your camera may appear, tap Ok.
  4. Take or select your photo.
  5. Tap Done.

Add or edit details

  1. Tap Edit (right of the screen).
  2. Enter changes into the dialog box.
  3. Once you are finished, tap Save.

New Assessment

+ New Assessment

  1. Tap + New Assessment (down the page and to the right, see below).
  2. Select by tapping on a template assessments from the list.
  3. Tap Create Assessment.


Answering questions

A list of Questions appear on the right of the screen. Tapping on a questions opens up a pane on the left, containing questions, actions and control measures.

  • Tap a question.
  • Answer by tapping one of the multiple choice answers.
  • If applicable, add an action or control measure.

Actions and Controls

Add an action or control measure

For each question there are positive and negative answers. A positive answer says current measures are adequate and a control measure might be used to describe them.

A negative answer suggests there is an intolerable risk and measures are required to mitigate them; an action will need to be assigned to describe the risks and suggest measures. Negative answers are identified by a red flag, see screenshot below.

More than one or both an action and control measure might need to be assigned to a single question.

Determine whether an answer requires [pagelink=5759] or [pagelink=5761], if so:

  1. Tap on + Action or + Control.
  2. Either:
    • Select an appropriate action or control measure from the list of templates, or
    • Create your own action or control measure by tapping on Create Custom Action/Control.
  3. Add and /or edit details if necessary.
  4. Add a photo if necassary.
  5. Tap Save once complete.

Answered questions

Above the questions, there are counters showing how many questions have been answered and how many actions and control measures have been assigned.

  • A Red Dot next to a question shows an action has been assigned.
  • A Blue Dot next to a question shows a control measure has been assigned.

If you identify any new risks that require the implementation of new measures, go back through the questionnaire and assign the action/s to an appropriate question.

A Complete Assessment

Once the questionnaire is complete, go back to the assessment overview page by tapping the small X (next to the trash icon).

After the assessment, the risk rating might have changed, to edit it:

  1. Tap Edit Overview.
  2. Tap the drop down menu to select the likelihood of risk, choose from Low, Medium and High.
  3. Tap the drop down menu to select the severity of risk, choose from Slight Harm, Moderate Harm and Extreme Harm.
  4. Tap Save at the top once complete.

Exit the completed assessment by taping the large X at the very top of the page.

Completed assessments can be submitted to RiskBase by Uploading.

Perform an Assessment #Video

Take a look at how to completed an assessments in mobile: