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Non-Technical Checks

Your Assigned Properties

Assets Download Automatically

When you sign in, all your assigned properties appear in the app. You don’t need to search for and download them.

  • This requires an internet connection.
  • You can press Sync (bottom right) at any time to guarantee everything is up to date.

Ordered by Assessment Due

Each property shows how many days until the next NTC.

In the example below; Elizabeth Court has an NTC due today, St Anne’s Court is due in 3 days and Victoria House is due in 5 days time.

As soon as you complete an NTC, you’ll see when the next one is due.

Start an NTC

  1. Press on the property you want inspect
  2. Press + Create Non-Technical Check


You will see a different set of questions each time you do an NTC.

The questions are relevant to each property.

Some systems need inspecting more often than others, eg. you might inspect fire alarm detectors one week and the following week you might return to the same property and be asked to inspect the detectors again, along with the risers, sprinklers and emergency lighting.

  1. Press a question to answer it.

A Simple Yes or No

Questions are straightforward

Q: Is the fire alarm panel free from faults and disablement?

Answers will prompt you when you need to do something.

In this example No prompts us:

Add an action and add a photo of the faulty panel.

Actions & Controls

This is where we report observations and provide evidence.

  • Actions = Red
  • Controls = Blue

Add an action or control by pressing the +

Actions are used to report faults, failures or deficiencies

The What is the action? field is required. This is where you should describe the issue and provide a remedy.

See the example below, Using Suggested Actions.

Controls are used to provide evidence to an answer

The What is the control? field is required. This is where you should describe the evidence that is being provided.

If the evidence is text/description based, you can add to the What is the control? section.

See the example below, Providing Other Evidence.

If the evidence is photographic, press the camera icon to take a photo or press the image icon to add a photo from your devices photo library.

See the example below, Providing Photo Evidence.

If it’s helpful, you can add a location and or photos to any action or control to support your answer.

Providing Photo Evidence

The answer you give will tell you whether you need to provide photo evidence.

In the example below, Yes prompts us:

Add a control and add photo evidence.

Below that is a suggested control:

These photos show that at the time of inspection, all detectors were clear of obstruction and free from damage.

Use controls to provide photo evidence

  1. Press the + to add the control

  1. Press the camera or image icon to take a photo or add a photo from your devices photo library

Providing Other Evidence

Some questions ask us to provide other evidence. We can use a control to do this.

Q: What is the location of the call point tested?

The question has only one answer:

A: Call Point Location

The answer has a prompt:

Assign a control and describe call point’s location: number, floor, room, etc.

Use the Suggested Control to provide evidence:


  1. Press the + to add the control

  1. Provide the Call Point number in the first field
  2. Provide the location in the Location field

Using Suggested Actions

When you find an issue, you must add an action.

Q: Did the alarm sound when tested and all linked equipment work?

Imagine the alarm didn’t sound.

We must select No which prompts us:

Add an action and describe failure.

We have a suggested action:

Repair the fire alarm system

  1. Press the + to add the action

The suggested action already has a description

  1. Provide addition info if helpful
    • Why is this needed?
    • Location
    • Photos

Using Custom Actions

If there is no appropriate Suggested Action available, create a Custom Action instead:

  1. Scroll down to Add Custom Action
  2. Press the + to create the custom action

  1. Type a description in What is the Action?
  2. A description is required. RiskBase will not let you submit an NTC if any action is missing a description.

  1. Provide addition info if helpful

Submitting NTC

Once you have answered all the questions and provided all your evidence:

  1. Go to the top of the questions
  2. Press Assessment Overview

  1. Press Submit

When you submit an NTC it gets sent to the RiskBase cloud and shared with your colleagues.

NTC with RiskBase Video

Watch Byron go step-by-step through the NTC process, from signing into RiskBase to submitting Non-Technical Checks.

What Is An NTC?

Non-Technical Checks or NTCs might be performed by Housing Officers on behalf of Housing Associations.

Where a full Fire Risk Assessment is only required annually or bi-annually, NTC’s could be necessary each month or even once every seven days.

Regular inspections (including fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, risers, etc.) are one element of maintaining a safe environment for tenants and residents.

Let RiskBase Manage It

Automated Scheduling

Properties are complicated; one property may have a fire alarm with just a few detectors, while another system may have multiple panels, door releases and sprinklers. The list of variables between buildings is long and the timescales between inspections can vary widely, even within the same property.

Riskbase looks at the properties spec, schedules inspections when they are required and only includes the checks that need doing.

A housing officer performing an NTC one week might check just the alarm detectors; the following week they might have four or five different things to check. RiskBase will tell them exactly what to do.

As soon as an NTC is submitted, RiskBase shows when the next check is due.

Assign Responsible Person

When a responsible person is assigned a property, their properties and NTC tasks appear automatically in their app.

RiskBase tells the responsible person when to do the NTC.

Housing officers, for example, open their RiskBase app and see a list of assets ordered by the assessment due date.

Answering and Evidencing

Each NTC is made up of a questionnaire tailored to the property where relevant questions are asked. Answers provide prompts, eg. if photo evidence is required to show a fully functioning alarm panel, the app will remind you to add that photo.


Submitted reports are synced to the RiskBase Cloud where colleagues can see and collaborate on the findings.