RiskBase Desktop

Introduction to Assessments

A questionnaire is at the heart of an assessment. Distinct questionnaires are created for each type of assessment; in the case of a Fire Risk Assessment, questions are highly relevant to the kind of premises being assessed. The questionnaire defines the style of PDF report produced.

Questionnaire Template

Questionnaire Templates are created in RiskBase Desktop.

Performing an Assessment

Assessment Types

RiskBase can be used to create a variety of assessment types. Your organisation could create types called Fire Risk Assessment, Housing Inspection, Signage Audit, and Elephant Audit (sure, why not?).

Types help with reporting and enforce limits:

  1. Action tasks produced by an assessment are linked to its type; e.g. a report can be produced focusing on action tasks identified in Fire Risk Assessments.
  2. A property can have only one non-approved assessment of each type; e.g. a new Fire Risk Assessment cannot be started until the previous Fire Risk Assessment is approved.

Questions, Actions and Control Measures

Like the type, the questions asked are based on the questionnaire. The questions help build a list of actions and control measures (significant findings).

Actions identified during an assessment are turned into tasks. These tasks can be categorised, prioritised, and assigned to users in RiskBase.

Control Measures identify processes in place to ensure a hazard does not exist or has minimal impact; for example “The fire alarm is being correctly maintained and recorded.”


Each assessment is accompanied by a PDF report. During the assessment, a draft report is available to preview.

Once an assessment is approved, an approved report is created and saved; this report will never change. A live version of the report is also made available showing up-to-date information about the property and identified actions.

See Perform an Assessment to create an assessment.